Sunday, April 4, 2010

Holy Week

Time flies fast when you have spent it with your loved ones. I just came back from a trip in Baguio City with my parents and brother's family. How I miss my nephews. They are twins and at eight months old, they are already showing how different their personalities are. John who is bigger, shows more patience and is content in just one place. Jacob, the smaller one, loves to move around. He cannot stay in one place and easily gets bored. I love them both and I already miss them. I can't wait for my next visit. Though I think they will be walking in a few months. Both of them are already showing signs of teething especially John. He constantly slobbers me with his saliva. Babies grow so fast and you have to enjoy moments wherein they are still infants. Next time, I will tell you more of our trip. I have to doze off now because tomorrow is back to work. Till next time guys!:) Hope you had a blast during the long weekend. I did:)