Thursday, February 24, 2011

Words that might help

I just want to share an article that I received from a friend. Whatever we are going through, just believe that God is bigger than anything else. Waking up in the middle of the night because of some events in our lives is not good. Once again, I have been reminded that worrying gets us nowhere. So I hope this article can somehow help uplift whatever mood we are in.

Prayer is not a "spare wheel" that you pull out when in trouble,
but it is a "steering wheel" that directs the right path throughout.

Do you know why a Car's WINDSHIELD is so large & the Rearview Mirror is so small? Because our PAST is not as important as our
FUTURE. Look Ahead and Move on.

Friendship is like a BOOK. It takes few seconds to burn, but it
takes years to write.

All things in life are temporary. If going well, enjoy it, they
will not last forever. If going wrong, don't worry, they can't last
long either.

Old Friends are Gold! New Friends are Diamond! If you get a
Diamond, don't forget the Gold! Because to hold a Diamond, you
always need a Base of Gold!

Often when we lose hope and think this is the end, GOD smiles from
above and says, "Relax, sweetheart, it's just a bend, not the end!

When GOD solves your problems, you have faith in HIS abilities;
when GOD doesn't solve your problems HE has faith in your abilities.

A blind person asked Swami Vivekanand: "Can there be anything
worse than losing eye sight?" He replied: "Yes, losing your vision!"

When you pray for others, God listens to you and blesses them,
and sometimes, when you are safe and happy, remember that someone
has prayed for you.

WORRYING does not take away tomorrows' TROUBLES, it takes away
todays' PEACE.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat All you Can

Pounds Pounds Go Away and Never Come Back!!! How many of us feel the same way. I remember the movie "Defending Your Life" being starred by Meryl Streep and Alber Brooks. I think I was still in elementary when I saw this movie. I am sure the movie gives a lot of insight about life and death. The characters of Streep and Brooks both die and they go to a place wherein they will be judged if they move forward or sent back home. The place seems like our world and the judging is similar to a courtroom and lawyers are there to defend you.

However, having seen it at such a young age, the thing that most struck me was the food. In that place, you can eat everything you can and never gain a single pound. Another amazing thing for me is the food. They all look so delicious and as a child, I envisioned heaven to be the same way.

How I wish that in our world, we could just eat anything and maintain our figures:)