Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pizza Pizza Pizza

I am a big cheese lover. Walking along MTS with a few friends led us to a place called Calda Pizza. The place was jam packed so we decided to give it a try. Both dine in and take out customers kept coming and we had to wait for almost an hour before our pizza was delivered. It was worth the wait. They don't provide plates and utensils. The pizza is just placed on a round wooden thing with paper on it and you just eat the pizza by hand. The people making the pizza can be seen through the glass so you can be sure that your food is prepared accordingly. They prepare a thin crust pizza with sizes from regular to super family size. I don't know how big their biggest pizza is but I would recommend Calda Pizza for a "Pizza,Pasta Party".

Friday, January 14, 2011

going back

Each person desires to be loved and accepted. I have finally found someone who truly loves me yet the situation tells us to let each other go. I feel trapped. And worst, almost all my friends are going abroad. Friends at work don't seem to be the way it was. I feel left out sometimes. But I guess that's life. Some people at one point become a meaningful part of your life and then they just become acquaintances. It breaks my heart that God is letting me experience loss again. Maybe I am doing something wrong that fate seems to be going against me. Again. Or maybe I should just take a risk and just go away. I am happy at my current work, but I feel there is still something that I have to do. I still am not confident at my abilities. There are still so much to learn. I am not performing well at work. I am getting the blues and I have no one to confide to at this point. I want to shout and just let go.

Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Lose Weight the Easy Way

The holidays played a lot of part in putting on most of the weight that I have lost the previous year. I find dieting excruciating because I enjoy food a lot. Food is happiness to me. I had already planned to lessen my food intake this year to lose some of the fat that has accumulated mainly in my stomach, arms and face. I tried to condition my mind that I can do it and I have to really instill self-control especially now that my stomach has expanded once again. Going back to work after a long vacation made me realize that it may not be so hard after all. It had been a stressful day because a lot of work was waiting and reports are still not done and deadlines are getting harder to beat. I came home last night with only work on my mind and I had to force myself to eat and sleep because I did not want to get sick. I do not want to use my sick leave because I might need those for future trips. Oh well, I guess for me, the easiest to lose weight is having stress. Tough Luck!