Monday, February 21, 2011

Eat All you Can

Pounds Pounds Go Away and Never Come Back!!! How many of us feel the same way. I remember the movie "Defending Your Life" being starred by Meryl Streep and Alber Brooks. I think I was still in elementary when I saw this movie. I am sure the movie gives a lot of insight about life and death. The characters of Streep and Brooks both die and they go to a place wherein they will be judged if they move forward or sent back home. The place seems like our world and the judging is similar to a courtroom and lawyers are there to defend you.

However, having seen it at such a young age, the thing that most struck me was the food. In that place, you can eat everything you can and never gain a single pound. Another amazing thing for me is the food. They all look so delicious and as a child, I envisioned heaven to be the same way.

How I wish that in our world, we could just eat anything and maintain our figures:)

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