Monday, May 21, 2012

Powerful Prayers

I am currently reading a book written by Larry King about Powerful Prayers. Larry King has admitted that he is doubtful about praying. His daughter who is religious convinced him to write about how powerful people pray and their views on prayer. I am still on the first few pages of the book and already I have read so many things that I really like. I would like to share one of the thoughts of Rabbi Katsof (Larry King's friend and co-writer) about prayer. 

Rabbi Katsof said that there are four things one must keep in mind about prayer:

1. Prayer is easy and difficult. It is easy because it is just like any conversation. It is difficult because prayer requires attention to our words and thoughts. A sincere and focused prayer can transform one's life.

2. Prayer could change you. We become a different person after making a request. Prayer can be an instrument for change if we only allow it. We must remember though that God knows better what is good for us. What we think is best for us may not be what God thinks is best for us.

3. Prayer connects you to your true self. Prayer is not for God but for us. Every time we pray, our soul is being fed. Prayer helps us learn what is really inside our hearts.

4. Prayer goes to the source. Prayer is our means of communication to the creator of this Universe. 


  1. nice info..thanks for sharing...

  2. This prayer is great, I really like the prayer like that, very useful, especially for my own
    thank you guys, please come back ..... wait
    thank you

  3. Makesure that you are always positive in your life. Things will come as easy as it will.

  4. Wah keren abis nih artikelmu sob..
    sangat bermanfaat..
    thx ya :)

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  5. God helps them that help themselves.

  6. yes that's right prayer for god can change to your life

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  8. Interesting! :D I may check out that book after my exams! :D

  9. thats nice and very true, we also ought to pray for one another...thank you for this post.

    have a nice day...

  10. I like the post, yes I agree all of that ... sure. After I finished my daily praying, I feel more stronger and fresh ... :)