Friday, January 14, 2011

going back

Each person desires to be loved and accepted. I have finally found someone who truly loves me yet the situation tells us to let each other go. I feel trapped. And worst, almost all my friends are going abroad. Friends at work don't seem to be the way it was. I feel left out sometimes. But I guess that's life. Some people at one point become a meaningful part of your life and then they just become acquaintances. It breaks my heart that God is letting me experience loss again. Maybe I am doing something wrong that fate seems to be going against me. Again. Or maybe I should just take a risk and just go away. I am happy at my current work, but I feel there is still something that I have to do. I still am not confident at my abilities. There are still so much to learn. I am not performing well at work. I am getting the blues and I have no one to confide to at this point. I want to shout and just let go.

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  1. ohh... y? I know God has all the reasons why we should experience some undesirable things.I know you could surpass this. I'm still here.:)