Monday, January 3, 2011

How to Lose Weight the Easy Way

The holidays played a lot of part in putting on most of the weight that I have lost the previous year. I find dieting excruciating because I enjoy food a lot. Food is happiness to me. I had already planned to lessen my food intake this year to lose some of the fat that has accumulated mainly in my stomach, arms and face. I tried to condition my mind that I can do it and I have to really instill self-control especially now that my stomach has expanded once again. Going back to work after a long vacation made me realize that it may not be so hard after all. It had been a stressful day because a lot of work was waiting and reports are still not done and deadlines are getting harder to beat. I came home last night with only work on my mind and I had to force myself to eat and sleep because I did not want to get sick. I do not want to use my sick leave because I might need those for future trips. Oh well, I guess for me, the easiest to lose weight is having stress. Tough Luck!

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