Thursday, April 5, 2012

USANA's Nutrimeal

Do you have weight problems? Do you find it hard fighting those unhealthy cravings? Lack of discipline can truly hamper one's goal of losing weight. I personally do not believe in fad diets. I think the only way to lose and maintain your ideal weight is by eating right everyday. Lifestyle change. Sometimes it takes a lot of effort to correct how we eat. Well, I have found a product that can help in correcting our bad eating habits. Discipline must be in the picture if you take this product. Have you ever heard of USANA's Health Sciences? Well, USANA offers a wide variety of quality food supplements and beauty products. They offer the RESET Program where your cravings will be regulated. This will only take about 5 days. You take their Protein Milkshake as a meal replacement which tastes really yummy. I have tried their chocolate milkshake and it tastes like real chocolate to me. They have other flavors like Strawberry and Vanilla. Aside from drinking their shake as a meal replacement, you have to take their mega anti oxidant, Essentials and their Proflavanol which helps our cardiovascular health and slows down the aging process. I have been taking the Essentials and Proflavanol for about three months now and I feel really good about my health. In case you want to try these products, just send me a message and I can tell you more about USANA's Products.


  1. I was too skinny and very difficult to be Fat, but I can preach this to my friends

  2. thanks. this can be used as weight gain as well. instead of meal replacement, drink the shake with a meal:)