Saturday, March 24, 2012


Our trip from Singapore to Melaka took around 5 hours. We left Singapore via S&S International Express. Since we are only staying overnight, we booked our tickets round trip which cost us $47 SG. We left at 9AM and we arrived in Melaka at 2PM. From there, we rode the taxi to our lodging which is a guest house named D'Laksamana. It's a three bedroom house complete with kitchen facilities and recreation area. If ever you plan to go to Melaka, I would recommend D'Laksamana for your lodging. Its location is a walking distance to everything that you need to see in Melaka. It's near to the World Heritage site where you can see old buildings like St. Paul's Hill or A Famosa. It was a Fort built by the Portuguese which ruled in Melaka from 1511 - 1641.
The Dutch took over in 17th Century. There are also a few old churches, the Dutch graveyard where you can still see the old tombstone dating back to fifteen hundreds. One famous streets in Melaka is the Jonker Walk. It comes alive at night every weekend. When we came back from our World Heritage Tour, we were surprised to see the activity at Jonker Walk. When we took our walk in the afternoon, it was still quiet. We had so much fun trying local delicacies and enjoying the music and just observing the other tourists having fun as well. We hardly slept at all. We tried to make the most out of this historically beautiful place because our bus will leave at 8AM the next day. We wished we had more time to explore the place more. But we did not regret going to Melaka as it was a different experience seeing all these beautiful old building


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