Thursday, March 22, 2012


I love to travel. Once again, I have been blessed to travel back to Singapore with friends really close to my heart. And the best thing was that my husband was with me. Yes, it was supposed to be our honeymoon and we were supposed to be alone yet somehow, I felt that it was just right that we had our friends with us. At first, I was a bit worried because we had our church friends, my friend since elementary and my husband's friend since high school. I did not really know if they would click. When we all met at the airport, everyone was reserved and sort of feeling the the rest of the group's personality. My hubby and I stood as their parents. We prepared food for them and sort of guided them on what to expect during travel and when passing to immigration. When we got to Singapore, we were met by my sister in law and her fiance and took us straight to our hostel. We stayed at Bunc Hostel in Little India. It's a new hostel and I was impressed by their cleanliness and I loved the design. I have posted some pictures of the hostel. I was not able to get pictures of our room because I guess we were always tired when we came back. During the duration of our trip, we only had about 3 hours of sleep. We just had so much fun. I am really thankful that the group bonded and we are now planning to save up for our next out of the country trip next year. The group actually started bonding the following day after we arrived. We went to Universal Studios and it was where all the fun and the bonding began. My next few blogs will be about our adventures during the trip. I will post more pictures:) If ever you are in Singapore, I really suggest Bunc Hostel. They have a facebook account. Check them out.

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