Friday, March 23, 2012

Universal Studios Singapore

Universal Studios is not only for kids. When my friends and I visited Singapore, we allocated one day to be spent in that place. I'm glad we went on a weekday. Aside from it's much cheaper having to pay only $68 SG as compared to $85 SG if on weekends, the longest time we've waited on queue was only about thirty minutes. We were able to enjoy around 90% of the rides and sites. What is lacking on weekdays is that there are no fireworks during closing as compared to weekends where there are fireworks display. Nevertheless, our group truly enjoyed the place and most importantly, we all bonded.

When I set foot on Universal Studios, I felt like a kid again. I was so excited. We tried almost every ride. The ride that I most enjoyed was the Transformers The Ride 3D. It was a roller coaster but we had 3D glasses on. We were freedom fighters and Optimus Prime was there. It was the best ride for me. We were all shouting and raising our arms. We truly felt like we were actually there. It was amazing.

There is one ride that I did not dare try. It was
the Battlestar Galatcitca: Human vs Cyclone. Only three of us dared to try it. They said that they screamed like girls during the ride and that they would not go again. At least they were brave enough to try it out. In this ride, your feet will be hanging if you ride the blue roller coaster. The blue roller coaster is the Cyclone. My friends were lucky they queued in BattleStar because their feet would not be hanging. Even if their feet was not hanging free, it was still scary but thrilling according to them. They were proud they had the guts. The three of us just stayed behind and watched their things.

There were really a lot of rides that I enjoyed. I would mention the Jurassic Park Rapids Adventure. Just be prepared to get wet. We were soaked wet after the ride but it didn't matter. I would just like to mention that Universal Studios are really clever in their business. Since we know that this ride will get us wet, they have provided a locker for a fee. Locker prices depends on the size. We paid $4 SG four our locker and we really tried to squeeze all our stuff in just one locker. Then, they sell raincoats which costs $3 SG. We
did not buy for ourselves thinking that we would easily dry. When we got out after the ride and we were soaked, we saw a drying machine which costs $5 SG for 5 minutes. If only our clothes were wet, we could have dealt with it. The only problem was that our shoes were wet as well. I guess you have an idea what it feels like walking on wet shoes. So we had no choice and we rented the drier. I guess that's how it is. Fun sometimes takes some spending on our part. It was a small price to pay for all the fun that we had. This clearly shows that age is only a number. I truly felt like a kid ready to explore everything when I was there. Well, at least almost everything:)

My next post will be our trip to Melaka, Malaysia the next day. Till then:)


  1. Universal Studios in Singapore, hopefully be able to visit there and will enjoy the beauty in singapore.

    Greetings friends.

  2. wow.. ang gandang experience nm nito ate jin..

  3. Hmmm....., sangat menarik studios ni...