Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Baby Wipes

      One of the things a mother must always have on hand is Baby Wipes. It is good for diaper changing and instant cleansing of baby’s hands especially when thumb sucking is prevalent.

      I have tried brands like Farlin, Giggles, Kinder Care, Pigeon, Johnson & Johnson, and Bebeta. The best one so far is Johnson & Johnson because the wipes has a lot of moisture unlike the other brands. The downside is that the price is very steep.

     The one that I am currently using is Bebeta because it has more moisture than the other mentioned brands and the price is a little affordable. I was surprised to see that Pigeon did not have that much moisture considering that it is one of the leading brands in baby stuff.

     If I would not consider the cost, I would choose Johnson & Johnson because aside from the moisture, the wipes are also thick.

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