Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Missing Kids

      Sometimes watching the news breaks my heart. There were two missing children last March ages 4 and 3. They were last seen playing at an abandoned car in their subdivision. Their parents started looking for them when they realized they could not be seen anymore. They searched everywhere including the abandoned car. They reached other towns just to search for their kids. Police already got involved.

     Just this week, news broke out that the two missing kids were found dead at the same abandoned car where they were last seen. Media captured the first time the parents saw their child dead. I tried not to cry because I could not imagine losing a child. The car must have been in child lock and could not be opened from the inside because according to the police, the car was not locked when they tried to open it.

     The bodies were discovered because the neighbours were noticing a foul smell coming from the car and they thought it was just a dead rat. All were shocked to see the dead children inside the car. I could not imagine the pain the parents must be feeling right now. If only they went back again to the abandoned car to see if the kids went back there to play.

     Kids that young must never be left alone because 3 and 4 are still babies. Some kids that age are still wearing diapers and are still drinking milk from a bottle. These days, it’s hard to find a nanny that parents can trust. Most parents are working and are forced to leave their children to guardians while working. It is important to scrutinize the people we entrust our kids with.

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