Thursday, July 4, 2013


        Filipinos are fond of watching  “telenovelas” or ”tereseryes”. These shows usually start around 3pm and it goes on until 10pm. News would just sneak in at 6-7pm. Imagine if one is addicted to all these shows, he/she cannot do anything else.
       Personally, I don’t like watching these shows because the theme is always about injustice, betrayal and revenge. I don’t like to watch them because they are really addicting and I end up having all these negative emotions because I would hate the antagonist.

      I usually watch when I know that the story will end in about a week because then, my addiction will not last that long. I wish Philippine networks will create lighter stories wherein watchers will have more positive emotions after watching the show rather than hatredJ

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  1. I am not also going gaga of teleseryes.. preferred spending time with my kids