Thursday, August 22, 2013

Another Long Weekend

Happy Friday bloggers. At last, the last long weekend of August is coming. Our country celebrates National Heroes Day on August 25. Since the said date falls on a Sunday, our President declared 26th a special non-working holiday. My family is planning to go either to the beach or a mountain resort since my dad will be turning 21 on the 27th. My husband and I will treat him for his birthday. I know that they will have a good time whether it’s going to be the beach or mountain resort because our almost 7 month old son is coming along. This trip will be my son’s first outdoor activity. I am hoping it would be the beach because he can interact with water. I have noticed that he likes taking a bath. I am really excited to see my son squeal with delight.

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  1. may you have a great weekend ate jin! God Bless!