Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Company Uniform

Uniform is one way of indentifying what company, school or organization you belong to. It is one way of showcasing a company’s professionalism. It identifies us from other organizations. Wearing a proper uniform helps in creating a positive impression from customers. It also promotes discipline for the employees because uniforms have standards that one should follow. Standards like pairing the uniform with appropriate shoes, making sure the uniform is clean and tidy. Wearing of uniform also  takes away the pressure of having to choose what to wear everyday.

In our company, I am grateful that we are provided with uniforms. Our human resource always reminds us that we are being judged by our appearance when we deal with customers. They make sure that our uniforms are presentable and that we are wearing shoes with heels. I have no problem with that. I actually agree that we should wear our uniforms presentably.

However, I just have some thoughts on the kind of uniforms we are wearing. First, our company only requires and provides uniforms for women. Our company is an agricultural company so most of our employees are farm based. What I don’t understand is that they are so strict with the ladies but our men can wear whatever they want. In my three year stay with the company, not once did I see a memo describing how the men should wear their office clothes.  Most of them wear round necked T-Shirts and rubber shoes. I just can’t get the point why they are so strict especially on women’s shoes. Should not the uniforms also be appropriate with the company’s environment? For those in the farm areas, I pity that they have to wear heels and the men could wear rubber shoes and t-shirts.

Couldn’t we just wear shirt jacket uniforms? And just wear formal flats for comfort? I’m sure more will want that.


  1. Yes! I agree with you. Men should also wear appropriate office uniform since we too belong in the same company. I agree with you too that jacket shirts looks presentable for the gents.

  2. mumpung masih bulan syawal..saya ucapkan mohon maaf lahir batin sobat ..keep happy blogging always ...salam :-)