Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Baby Weight Loss

 I bring my baby to the pediatrician every month for his regular check up and immunization. During his check up, the doctor measures his head, length and weight. She also checks up my son’s breathing if there are abnormalities. My son just turned four months and when we had our regular check up, we found out that he lost 200 grams of weight.   

We were analyzing the cause of his weight loss. The doctor suggested that the quality of my milk was deteriorating so I had to eat healthier foods. She also suggested giving him solids if he is ready. She mentioned that one of the signs to look for if the baby is ready to eat solids is when he starts opening his mouth when we are eating. Also, if the baby starts rolling and lying tummy down on his own. My baby has not started doing any of the mentioned signs so he is not yet ready.

About  two weeks before his check up, my husband and I were more rested at night because our son sleeps about five to eight hours straight without feeding. We realized that this is the major cause of his weight loss. Though, I would love to sleep the whole night without waking up, it is not healthy for the baby. Breastmilk is faster to digest than formula milk so I have to feed him every 2-3 hours.

 So now, I wake up every three hours to feed my son. It’s a good thing that he still feeds even if he’s asleep. I want to prolong giving him formula as long as I can and I want to start giving him solids when he is almost seven months. I just read so many articles saying that delaying solids will be more beneficial for the baby as allergies and having diabetes can be avoided.

I hope and pray that his weight will improve on our next visit. 


  1. Aamiin, wish your baby weight go up :)

  2. Hope the best for your baby!

  3. hoping and praying for your baby's good health ate jin.. sna ako n lng ang ngweight loss.. hehehe