Monday, June 10, 2013

Reputation or Character

Reputation is what we are when someone is looking. Character is what we are when no one is looking.  I heard someone say this a long time ago. It was during one of our devotionals and it actually stayed with me.

Our reputation is what others think of us. When we do something seeking for men’s approval, we are only thinking of our reputation. Character chooses to do what is right whether it is popular or not.

Yes, we can choose to work for our reputation. We can put a mask and pretend about so many things. We can make people believe what we want them to believe. Reputation can be built in an instant. Character on the other hand is what we truly are. Our character is built in our lifetime. Reputation can be taken away from us but they cannot take away our character. Reputation is what we have when we first meet people. When we unmask what we truly are then our character is seen. As what they say, reputation is what is written in our obituary but our character is what the angels are saying about us before our great Creator.

What is more important to us? Our reputation or our character? Choose wiselyJ


  1. in business reputation is everything.

  2. it is a good thing to ponder about..

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