Sunday, June 30, 2013

Monsters University

We often associate cartoons with kids. Nowadays, movie makers have started creating cartoon movies that also allow adults to enjoy it. Movies like Ice Age, Monsters Inc, Madagascar, Toy Story, Brave are examples that there are things that kids and adults can enjoy together.

                Speaking of cartoons, my family watched Monsters University yesterday at home. My five month old even reacted to some of the scenes in the movie. We just let him watch with us and when he seems bored, we just carry him or play with him while watching.

                Monsters University tells the story of how Sully and Mike became the best of friends. They started out as enemies when they were in college but being both kicked out in the scare program brought them together. Together, they beat out all odds and won the game. However, the story did not end there. There were still revealing issues after the game that tested their friendship. Both of them realized that they both brought out the best in each other.

                Cartoons are not just for kids. If we look at the story, no matter how simple it is, we can learn something and can apply it in our lives as well. 

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  1. I agree with you completely! Cartoons aren't just for kids! I still watch cartoons! I haven't seen MU yet, but I've been wanting to.