Thursday, September 12, 2013

Baby Scare

     I felt really horrible yesterday. I go home every lunch break to nurse my little one and my new routine since mixed feeding is that after feeding, my baby falls asleep and I leave him in the middle of the bed with pillows around him and I would prepare his formula for his afternoon feeding. I want to be the only one preparing his milk to make sure that it is sanitized.  I would be gone only for a few minutes. Yesterday, while I was preparing his milk, I heard him cry and his nanny immediately rushed to our room to comfort him. I thought he just woke up from his sleep and cried because no one was around. I knew something was not right because his cry was louder than usual. I ran to our room and asked his nanny if he fell and she said yes. She found my son lying sideways on the floor. I felt like a terrible mom for leaving him alone.  I should have realized that my son is already 7 months old and pillows will no longer protect him from his movements.

     I immediately asked opinions from friends who are in the medical field. All of them said that if there are no danger signs, my baby is fine. Danger signs are vomiting, nosebleed, no energy, always sleeping, and non-stop crying. I should also observe his behaviour for 24 hours. Thank God that my son do not have the danger signs. As soon as I carried him yesterday, he stopped crying and started smiling. While I was at work, I kept in touch with his nanny to monitor his behaviour. I am really grateful that he is ok. I promised myself that this will be the last time he will fall off the bed. I would never leave him alone again on the bed. 

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