Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Mixed Feeding

My baby is seven months today and he officially had his first formula. After six months of breastfeeding and pumping, my milk stash finally caught up and I have no choice but to supplement with formula. I am happy that I reached my goal of giving him only breastmilk for six months. My original goal was actually only three months because I had to consider going back to work. I was not expecting I could stretch it to six months. For that, I am gratefulJ

I bought the small can of NAN HA2 for my baby. Most mommies I know are using S-26 but I have read somewhere that S-26 contains a lot of sugar. I am hoping that my baby will not have any bad reactions to my chosen formula.

I am not yet ready to give up breastfeeding. I love our breastfeeding sessions because it’s a special kind of bonding between mother and child. I think I have to start eating more clam soup once again to increase my milk supply and hopefully I may not have to supplement with formulaJ

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