Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Zamboanga Crisis

     I cannot understand what goes on in the minds of terrorists. Why do they continually use violence to get what they want? When a member of their own family accidentally gets killed, they react as if they have never killed an innocent civilian. They simply do not have any respect to other human beings. Their mindset is selfish and futile.

     Watching the news about what is happening in Zamboanga angers me. It pains me to see innocent civilians young and old running away from their homes to seek refuge. It enrages me to see that they have used citizens of that beautiful city as human shields and did not even spare toddlers. Don’t they want a peaceful life? Why do they blame everything on our government? Yes, our government is not perfect but I believe the current administration is far less corrupt than the previous one. And I believe that they are doing their best to solve the many, many problems of our country. Six years is not enough to fix corruption in the Philippines. A six year term is simply too short for an honest leader but sadly too long for a corrupt one.

     I wish terrorists would have an open mind and realize that using violence to get what they want will only get them nowhere. I wish they would have a lot of conscience and see that they are hurting innocent families. Children losing their parents, parents losing their child, businesses falling apart and all the unnecessary killings only paralyze our country. I wish they would have the heart to love our country and respect one another’s religious beliefs. I am not really aware of the root cause of their hate as I seldom watch the news. But one thing I know, whatever they are fighting for, it does not justify them using innocent victims as their shields. It does not justify them disrupting the lives of the people of Zamboanga City. It does not justify the pain, the hardship, the loss, the terror our fellow Filipinos are experiencing right now because of what the MNLF are doing.

     Please pray for Zamboanga City. Pray for Mindanao. Pray for the Philippines. 

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  1. I was more worried about those babies that were affected. I hope these terrorists would stop now. I hope they'll all be dead