Friday, February 26, 2010

pig out and look out

Burp! I am still sooooo full after eating Grub's Mexicali Pork Chops and their Burger 98. I always eat heartily when I am in good company. After dinner, we went to a night spot to check out men. Well, men for me and boys for my gay friend. He likes younger ones. Ending a relationship when you're 30 is a bit depressing especially for women. Guys in their thirties are mostly married, those who are still single are questionable, and those in their twenties are not yet looking for a serious relationship. So, imagine my horror that everywhere I looked, I saw guys younger than me and I started to lose hope of finding a romantic relationship. But this is only one night. Who knows! Maybe I will meet someone tomorrow, or the day after, and the day after. The possibilities are endless. And most of the time, our fate is unexpected. Yes, I will make an effort to meet new friends (girls, women, boys, men, grandparents, parents, etc) and just enjoy life. And of course food.
After the crucial men watching and men bashing, we decided to eat ice cream at McDonald's. Yikes! their sundae is not yet available so we went to a convenience store. There we bought ice cream, chocolates, and chips. Yummy! Though we kind of felt guilty after because of all those calories. From eating pork to junk food. And we do not exercise. We decided that we will not eat out tomorrow and resume to our usual diet which would be vegetables and rice. After all, summer is close and we would want to look our best in our swimsuits.

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