Saturday, February 27, 2010


Two more weeks to go and I'm off to Cambodia. It will be my first time to visit the place and I am so excited to see new places, different culture, listen to different languages, and most of all, meeting fellow Christians from other Asian countries. I have been receiving emails from the organizers reminding us of what to bring, our schedules, and the do's and don't in their country. It surprised me that touching other people's head and showing the bottom of the foot are considered unethical for them. So, as a person who loves to touch and is unconscious whether the bottom of my feet is showing or not, I have to practice doing it as early as now so that I will not have to adjust so much when I get there. There should also be no touching of the opposite sex. Coming from a country who has been influenced so much by the western culture, I also have to adjust to that. I am comfortable shaking hands with the opposite sex. Sometimes, I also hug Christian brothers when greeting them. It is really interesting knowing the cultures of other countries. That is why I love to travel because it opens our minds to other ways. It helps us not to judge other countries. Each culture has its own beliefs and it is valuable that we respect and honor their practices especially if we are there just to visit. So, before visiting another country, make sure that you research their culture to make your visit more memorable.

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