Thursday, May 9, 2013

Back toWork

     When I was on bed rest for about two months, I could not wait to go back to work. I was bored watching television all day. I could not read books because it was hard to carry any object with an IV attached to my hand. Being inserted with an IV is very painful. Sometimes, the nurses would improperly insert the needle and they have to find another vein so they can insert it again. It was unfortunate that the IV must be transferred to a different vein every three days or else it would be prone to infection.  I deeply missed my daily routine including office work.

     Yet, when I gave birth, I wanted to freeze time. I wanted to stretch my maternity leave just to spend more time with my son. It is true what they say, no matter how tired you are, seeing your own child smile and respond makes you forget your tiredness. My son just turned three months and it’s amazing to see him slowly fill up. Aside from his physical development, it brings me so much joy seeing him learning how to grab things, turning his head, laughing and other normal developments we see in an infant. My husband could not wait for him to grow older but I want to prolong his infancy. I want to cherish and remember every “baby” moments that we have. Children grow old fast and as parents, we have to enjoy as much as we can in every phase our child will go into.

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