Friday, May 10, 2013

Breast Pump Reviews

When I was still pregnant, I made up my mind to exclusively breastfeed my baby for at least six months. It would be best if I can go further than six months. A week before returning to work, I pumped double time to save up enough breast milk as my back up just in case my milk supply would not increase. It worried because I could only pump around two ounces and I would pump one hour straight. Then I could only pump around 1 ounce after that. I have been advised to pump while nursing my baby. Since I was using the Evenflo Single  electric pump, it was hard for me to do both. The electric pump has a force control that I need to adjust and it’s hard to adjust it using only one hand.

 My sister in law gave me an Avent Isis Manual Pump. Using the manual pump, it was easier to pump and nurse at the same time. It made a huge difference in my output. I could pump about 2 ounces every time I pump and nurse at the same time. Sometimes, it took only 20 minutes to get the two ounces.  Unlike the electric pump that I was using, I could only get two ounces in the morning for an hour of pumping.

 My brother then gave me another manual pump. This time, it was the Medela Harmony Manual Pump. My milk output using the Medela Manual Pump was the same as the Avent Manual Pump. However, the Medela was more discreet when you pump because it did not make any noise unlike the Avent. Also, there were lesser parts to clean with the Medela Manual Pump.

 My baby is already three months old and so far, he is still breastfed and given my expressed milk when I’m at work. On the average, I could pump about eight to ten ounces per day and my baby consumes about ten to twelve ounces per day when I’m at work. I go home every lunch to breastfeed my baby. I am hopeful that I will be able to give him only breast milk for at least six months.

I would recommend using the Medela Manual Pump if you  want to pump and nurse at the same time. 

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  1. i used this Medela Manual Pump back then, unfortunately susu kering cepat. cukup 4 bulan susu kering. My baby tak direct breastfeed, gave her expressed milk.